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Zhangjiajie Landform Sceneries Printed on Stamped Postcards with 3D Technology

Recently, Zhangjiajie landform sceneries,such as the world natural heritages Tianzi Mountain, Huangshi Village and Golden Whip Stream, have been printed on the stamped postcards and appear in Zhangjiajie tourism scenic spots.

The writer witnesses in the postal service of Tianzi Mountain that the sceneries that selected in the cards embody many excellent scenic spots of Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan core scenic spots, including ten sets: excellent Zhangjiajie(grating), excellent Zhangjiajie(ordinary), Yuanjiajie, Tianzi Mountain, Huangshi Village, Yellow Dragon Cave, Golden Whip Stream, Tianmen Mountain, Baofeng Lake and Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon. Along with the postage, these postal scenery postcards can be affixed a stamp and be mailed, with appreciation and collection values to domestic and foreign tourists. At the same time, it is very rare in China that 3D technology has been used firstly on the excellent Zhangjiajie(grating).

According to the staffs in the postal service, there ten sets of scenery postcards are very popular among tourists from many places and have become a new favorite of Zhangjiajie tourism and culture souvenir market.

On the “National Tourism Day” of this year, the first set of the regular stamp–Beautiful China has been officially released, including the first sheet of stamp being Zhangjiajie landform scenery of Zhangjiajie core scenic spot.

Translated by Crystal