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Zhangjiajie Huanglong Hole Square has a Spring Beauty

High temperature goes on since early march, green willows in huanglong hole square of wulingyuan, follow with colorful flowers, welcoming the outing of the young men and women. According to statistics, March 8th to 10th, in zhangjiajie huanglong hole square, it has a tourism break of 10000 person-time, with the year-on-year growth of twenty percent.

The sun is bright, with 30 acres of yellow rape flowers, attracting bees and visitors to see the flowers from time to time. In the pond of the square, green willows are blowing, swaying posture to welcome the tourists from home and abroad. On both sides, the blooming colourful peach, plum, camellia, not only dress up the culture square, but also enchants visitors.

Translated by Sophia