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Zhangjiajie Hot Tour Line “Climbing Tianmen Mountain, Enjoying Fairy Fox”

“Climbing Tianmen Mountain in Daylight, Enjoying Fairy Fox at Night” Becoming Zhangjiajie Hot Summer Tour Line.

With the upcoming of the midsummer, people all want to be away from cities full of heat wave and into refreshing and pleasant mountains to avoid the summer sunstroke. Thus, Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain becomes the summer resort and receives much popularity. On June 13, it is learned that in the past three days of Dragon Boat Festival, Tianmen Mountain receives over 4,000 tourists both from home and abroad, 20% increase over the same period with last year, including 262% increase of free and individual tourists.

Tianmen Mountain is the highest mountain in Zhangjiajie with a latitude of 1,518 meters. There is a low by 6-8 degree in the top than in the downtown. It is land of idyllic beauty with green trees, flowing water and cool breeze in summer. Thanks to its high latitude, the sunshine duration is longer than the downtown. You can enjoy live-action performance and charming tenderness at night after you experience Tianmen Mountain’s glory and splendidness. With the rising popularity of Tianmen Mount and Fairy Fox, many tourists regard “Climbing Tianmen Mount in Daylight, Enjoying Fairy Fox at Night” as a necessity for travel. At the same time, it has became a major tour route for travel agencies.

Warm tips:

As there is lower temperature in Tiammen Mountain and Tianmen Fairy Fox theater than in downtown, tourists should adjust clothes according to the change of weather and prepare medicines against insects.

Translated by Crytsal