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“Smart Guides” Appearing in Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area

Currently, in order to facilitate the majority of tourists to learn about Tianmen Mountain more quickly and convenient, Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain scenic spot introduces “Smart Guides” platform, which embodying travel strategies in Tianmen Mountain, tour of the scenic spot, service guidance and history and humanism, etc. Tourists can have a comprehensive understanding of Tianmen Mountain and customize themselves a unique travel journey in Tianmen Mountain as soon as they scan the two-dimensional code of the “Smart Guides” on the phones.

Except conventional scenic spots, routes,etc, “Smart Guides” platform of Tianmen Mountain also sets up a participational and interactive “Photo Wall”, which enables tourists to show their photos as they like.

Special tips, the two-dimensional code of Tianmen Mountain “Smart Guides” has been printed on the home page of navigation map provided for free in the scenic spot. QR code add system for scenic spot signs and bulletin boards is under work. the two-dimensional code photographing of the “Smart Guides” should be stored into your phone for the sake of convenient search.

Translated by Crystal