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Zhangjiajie Hosting Conference with Media and Travel Agencies in Thailand

On July 23, Zhangjiajie government held a conference with media and travel agencies in Thailand, official members Yu Huaiming and Chen Danfeng attending the meeting.

To bring the two sides closer, Mr. Chen started with a poet. He also mentioned that Thailand is a very important tourist generating region for Zhangjiajie, being the biggest customer market in Southeast Asia. With the opening of the chartered flight from Zhangjiajie to Thailand, people in the two region has developed a close relationship, tourism in the two area also witnessing a more smoothly cooperation. In addition, he introduced Zhangjiajie in four aspects, namely, beauty, green, customs and openness. Later, he also responded respectively to the questions, such as promotion plan and preference policy for Thailand, how to solve the long waiting time in queuing.

It is said that, 28 media and travel agencies in Thailand stayed in Zhangjiajie for 7 days. They visited many scenic spots like Mount Tianmen, Mount Tianzi, Golden Whip Stream and Yellow Stone Village and watched the stage show “Mount Tianmen fairy fox- new farmer, Liuhai, cutting firewood”. Through this trip, they photographed pictures of many scenic spots and learned more about the customs as well as government policies of Zhangjiajie. They expressed that they will publish the beautiful Zhangjiajie insights in newspapers, on TV stations and in magazines to make people in there motherland have a better standing of Zhangjiajie and enhancing the communication between each other. Zhangjiajie also hoped their trip is able to attract more travelers from Thailanders.

Thailanders visiting  Zhangjiajie by charted airpalne

By Emma