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“Emperor Seal of Xiangwang” Stone Carving to Be Settled in Tianzi Mount

Source from infrastructure project construction headquarters of Zhangjiajie core scenic spot has learned that “Emperor Seal of Xiangwang (a historical national hero in Zhangjiajie scenic spot)” will be settled in Tianzi Mount in the form of stone carving. Now the designing scheme has been released and it is supposed to visit the stone carving at the end of October.

Tianzi Mount, the excellent tour line of the world natural heritage site–Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan scenic spot, gains its name for Emperor Xiang(Xiangwang) who was the peasant uprising leader during Ming dynasty and proclaimed himself Emperor Xiang(Xiangwang). These extremely strange rocky crags are relevant with Emperor Xiang’s campaigns. It is said that “Emperor Seal of Xiangwang” will be located between two famous scenic sites: the Imperial Brush Peak and Fairies Spreading Flowers, facing the Emperor Pavilion. Underneath the seal, a table of Emperor Xiang(Xiangwang) will be constructed on which “Ode of Emperor Xiang” will be inscribed introducing the sagas of him. Besides, it presents the historic and cultural values of “Emperor Seal of Xiangwang”to tourists.

The Effect Picture of “Emperor Seal of Xiangwang” Stone Carving