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Zhangjiajie Great News:”Ticket Preferential Week” Is Coming

Since May 2, the core scenic area of Wulingyuan in Zhangjiajie has been going on the “Ticket Preferential Week” until May 7.During this week,the ticket price,to global tourists,is adjusted from ¥180/person to ¥144/person (exclusive of eco-bus ticket ).The price reduction range is up to 20%,which is said to be the first time carrying out such global preferential policy since Wulingyuan scenic zone having been listed in the world natural heritage 20 years ago.

According to policy of bureau of commodity price,the 65 yuan eco-bus ticket is not included in this preferential ticket. Now, you can go in or out the scenic spot for many times within 3 valid days by just paying ¥209. You may noticed that this preferential week is not launched during the hot May day holiday,which just aims to lead tourists to avoid the peak tourism time.

The core scenic zone, covering an area of 264 k㎡,comprises of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Suoxiyu,Mount Tianzi and Yangjiajie National Conservation Zone. Tourists having ticket of core scenic zone is allowed to visit classical scenic spots like Mount Tianzi,Yuanjiajie,Yangjiajie,Ten-mile Gallery,Golden Whip Stream,Yellow Stone Village and so on.Except Yellow Dragon Cave and Baofeng Lake.

By Patricia