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Song Zuying Arrived at Zhangjiajie for Fox Fairy Again

Song Zuying, a most famous and popular folk musician arrived at Zhangjiajie on 30th April. In the evening she appeared at the theater and watched Fox Fairy for the second time since 2011. On the scene, she wore a gauze mask with full concentration .When watching Fox Fairy, Song Zu Ying every now and then turned around and communicated with the acquaintance nearby.Her second presence for Fox Fairy in Zhangjiajie is the best testimony to show her love and affirmation to this stage play.

All seats were sold out during this May Day holiday. Fox Fairy attracted seas of audience with not only the elegant music, moving plots and fantastic stage stunts, but also the newly equipped waterfall and amazing magic. Audiences presented were generous enough to give their high praise after watching Fox Fairy.

By Aileen