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Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Tourism Contrarian Growth

As the third Tourism Day of May 19th comes, the county tourism department visits some main scenic spots and companies in Cili. The parking lots are teemed with tourist buses and tourists swarm into the check-in office. A young fellow is climbing along the stairs with flowers in his hand and sweat oozing from his forehead. While a beautiful girl shouts “I will not accept you unless you arrive here in two minutes” It turns out that the boy is proposing to the girl and other tourists are shout their supports to him. The boy presents his flowers and shining ring to his lover amid tourists’ cheers and laughters. This tough but happy scene is the very true mirror of Cili’s tourism.

Although international trend in this year has undergone recession and our domestic economy goes slowly, which heavily affects the tourism economy, the county party committee and government of Cili firmly conduct “flourishing through tourism and strengthening by industry”strategy. The tourism economy is climbing and maintains a good momentum. In the first quaters, about 720,460 tourists have been accepted, and there is 30.52 billion RMB tourism investment, a 32.3% increase and 32.56% increase compared with last year, including 52.64 million RMB ticket fees.

Now, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, Dragon Cave, Wulei Munt and other scenic spots are coming into peak season.Cili tourism is continue to flourish with tourism numbers recorded 3 million, 10% increase on year -on-year basis. The great aim of 1.8billion tourism income is able to be expected.

Translated by Crystal