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Zhangjiajie “Fox Spirit and Liuhai” Story Played 1000 Yards

The Tianmen Fox Spirit • Liuhai Cut Firewood makes the wonderful tianmen mountain as backdrop, which let the audience feel the aesthetic feelings and enrich the tourists’ perception to the tianmen mountain. As of the end of this month, 21st, this performance has staged – thousand fields under the Tianmen mountain. More than three years, it has received more than 150 person-times of audience.

Since officially opened in March 2010, the tianmen fox spirit quickly emerged as benchmark–root in China’s performing arts industry. It not only has been a success in economic level, but also has a significant and far-reaching influence on the construction of cultural industry, knowledge industry innovation, circulation of information industry and other fields. It has a highly strategic significance on the transformation of zhangjiajie tourism industry structure.

More than three years, this performance has improved the assembled-stream writer, composer, director, stage, lighting, sound and other professional talents. In 2013, zhangjiajie tianmen fox spirit cultural tourism industry CO.,LTD., has invested another 1.2 million to build the “dream water” stage effect. After playback, the audiences have felt in an absolutely stunning outpouring of heaven and earth, stirring spectacular scenes.

Tianmen fox spirit, will add stage effects and visual performance highlights in future. With at least accumulative total 500 million yuan investment, it want to be the world’s most grand subject-live performance and shock.

Translated by Sophia