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South African Band Compositing A Song for zhangjiajie

“Zhangjiajie, People over the entire world come…We share culture together. We share soul together. We shine together from country music to rock….”, Nobody would guessed that the song named Zhangjiajie was delicately created by South African Band. A staff from the committee of Zhangjiajie Interational Country Music Week introduced that the song composited by South African Band to welcome the festival. It will be sung at the open ceremony of the music week on August 31.

By the name of South African Drum Art Troupe, it is a very famous country music art troupe that are good at perform various ethnic songs and musics, full of strong ethnic flavor of South African and very interactive. It participated many domestic art festivals like China International Folk Art Festival. Besides, it performed at South African Pavilion, receiving warm reception from audience at home and abroad.

Since the host of the festival in 2009, many countries from five continents took active part. in particular for South African. Renowned for the rainbow’s country, it various music styles won widespread influence in the first term, customer impressed by its will beauty. In the second term, the South African king Jungle Band showed its original dance culture. The public are wondering what the South African Drum Art Troupe will bring to us. Let see and wait what will happen.

It is said that the 2013 Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week will be held from August 31 to September 4. In the period, travelers can not only enjoy the world natural heritage, but also attend to the shows performed by 32 bands at home and abroad for free.

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By Emma