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Zhangjiajie Characteristic Buildings of Wulingyuan-A New Travelling Spotlight

“Great Theater of Charming Western Hunan”attracts tourists not only by its wonderful programs but also by its charming architectural appearance. In the morning of Jul 3, a batch of tourists from Guangdong Province, at the square of “Charming Western Hunan”, listened to the presentation of tour guide with great attention. We can see from this phenomenon that Wulingyuan architectures of local characteristic is gaining popularity of a lot of tourists and is becoming a spark point of tourism industry.

Wulingyuan is the first batch of world-wide national heritage land as well as an accumulation area of minority around Wulingyuan Mountain. In this beautiful land, national architectures like stilted building, wall like horse’s head until now have been preserved. Recent years, at the time of building international holiday district for tour and leisure, Wulingyuan district is also put great effort on transferring tourism mode and integrating ethnic culture. Now, Xibu Street, Square of Charming Western Hunan, Mark Gate, Square of Yellow Dragon Cave have sprung up, which greatly improved fame and attraction of Wulingyuan tourism area.

Characteristic building, as an important part of national culture, will be greatly developed in future to offer tourists strong visual force and amazing spiritual enjoyment.

By Patricia