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Zhalong Wetland is located in the west of Songnen plain in
Heilongjiang province Wuyuer River downstream, there is no obvious river, and connects to reed pond, and then flow into the Longhu Bubble, Lianhuan Lake, Nanshan Lake, finally disappear from Dumeng grassland. Established in 1979, Zhanglong became the provincial nature reserves. In April 1987 the state council approved it as a national nature reserves. In Nature Reserve lakes, rivers and water quality is pure, reed grass is rich, maintain a good ecological environment swamp, known as the “natural park” of bird and waterfowl and in 1992 was listed in the “world's important wetlands list”.   Zhalong Nature Reserve is China’s famous precious waterfowl protective area, located 30 km southeast of the city, with a total area of two hundred and ten thousand hectares. Due to low-lying terrain, river overflow to irrigate water reed, lake dotted with bubble, here is a natural paradise suitable for waterfowl birds breeding. According to statistics, Zhalong nature reserve has various kinds of two hundred and ninety-six kinds of birds. Especially in the majority with crane, the world have 15 kinds of cranes, our country has nine, and six kinds of cranes can be seen at Zhalong Nature Reserve (red-crowned cranes, white-naped crane, demoiselle crane, grey crane, white-head crane), therefore, Qiqihar has a laudatory name of “Crane Village”. 
Zhalong Nature Reserve is mainly is to protect the wetland and a national protect red-crowned cranes and other wild animals. Across two area four counties, the wetland is Wuyue River downstream, the river overflow and become a large permanent weak alkaline freshwater marsh, made up of many small shallow lakes and vast meadow and grassland. Maximum depth of marsh is 0.75 meters, the maximum depth of lake up to 5 meters. This area breeds 46 species, 277 kinds of insects, 260 species of birds, 21 species of beast. Red-crowned cranes, white-naped crane, bald, family cranes, grey crane and white crane are national key protected first or second level animals. April to May in each year about 200 red-crowned cranes and other waterfowl habitat here, the number of crane is nearly 1000; they stay here to live and then continue to move north to Russia. Reed marshes and sedge is the main habitat of the red-crowned crane. Reed is high up to 1 ~ 3 m, which is difficult for human to enter, which created the conditions for these precious waterfowl to survive and reproduce.

Travel Tips

1. April to May in each year, or August to September is the best season for bird watching.

2. Travel this scenic spot need at least 3 days.

3. Red-crowned cranes are elegant with long ears; recognition method is their overhead have a vermillion scarlet. Try not to take food to feed them, for the wild cranes; the artificial feeding would harm them.

4. You can rent a boat on the lake for a spin; look at the wild waterfowl is also very good.

How to Get There

Taking bus in the first department store of Qiqihar, the driving hour is approximately one hour for 10 Yuan. In addition, in the tourist season, the station also has a special train to the scenic spot. If rent a car, 150 Yuan/a half-day, drive less than 1 hour.

New opened special route is from urban areas to reserve (via the train station), and about half an hour a bus, 15 Yuan ticket fare. From the railway station to reserve for the first train at 8:30 in the morning, the last returned bus for about 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

Best Travel Time to Zhalong Nature Reserve:

Every year April to May, or August to September is the best season to visit Zhalong Nature Reserve, there is about 200 or 300 kinds of wild birds gathered in nature reserves.