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Located in Yichang of central China’s Hubei Province, Chexi Folk Custom Scenic Area (Chinese name: 车溪民俗风景区) is not only famous for its beautiful natural beauty, but also the interesting customs of Tujia Nationality. It is about 18 kilometers away from Yichang downtown. It is one of the 10 new spots brought by New Three Gorges, and the agriculture tourism example in nationwide.

Chexi is well-known for its waterwheels. In the waterwheel museum, visitors can find scores of kinds, such as waterwheel handled by two people, and waterwheel treaded by three people, waterwheel trekked by ox, etc. Visitors are also allowed to operate the waterwheels to imitate and enjoy the folk farming work.

In the scenic area, you can see many old workshops on display, including the Northern Song Dynasty papermaking workshop, pottery workshop, tie-dye workshop, printing and dyeing mill, brewery workshop, etc.. It would be interesting to visit these workshops to get knowledge of old handicrafts. In addition, you can also enjoy Tujia dance and local and folk performances in "Three Gorges Folk Custom Village". You can even take part in the interesting folk activities. In the village, there are quite a few museums to explore, including "China's First Farmhouse Museum", "Three Gorges region's largest shadow Museum", "the first waterwheel museum in three Gorges region ", the" three summer largest stone hall "," China’s First People's Commune Old Site Museum "and other museums and halls.

How to Get there from Yichang

Travelers can take bus at Yichang Long-distance Bus Station to get there. It operates from 7:00am to 6:00pm every day. It is recommended to spend 4 to 5 hours to visit inside the scenic area.