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Yellow Sand Ancient Ferry (Chinese name: 黄河古渡航) is located in the crescent lake in Xingqing district, Yinchuan City with a distance of 52 kilometers to downtown Yinchuan city. It is apart from Yinchuan Hedong airport for 38 kilometers and 66 kilometers to Yinchuan railway station. The planning area is 32.3 square kilometers and it combines with the Yellow River, desert, wet land, lake and countryside scenery. The whole scenery spot consists of six parts as functional service area, the Yellow River Wetland park, Wangniang pavilion, Sun-watching platform, ancient ferry, and crescent lake.


Yellow Sand Ancient Ferry was one of the eight famous sceneries in ancient Ningxia, and it was the most famous ferry in Ming and Qing dynasty. It is said that Emperor Kangxi of Qing dynasty disguised himself and went out of the Forbidden City, the ferry that he started his trip was the Yellow sand ancient ferry. The sixteenth son of Zhu Yuanzhang (an emperor in Ming dynasty) king Qingjing wrote a poem to describe the importance of the Yellow sand ancient ferry in transportation.


The Yellow Sand Ancient Ferry Ecological Tourist scenic spot is the newest spot in Ningxia, and it is AAAA level scenery spot, national level wetland park, and the best Chinese resort of ecological tourism. In here, you can visit the ancient ferry and crescent lake. The good spots to enjoy ecological tourism are desert, the Yellow River, natural wetland. The adventurous desert happy valleys, old sheepskin raft, modern Yellow River, snuggery of ferry are the most interesting places in Ningxia.