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Xinhua News Agency CNC Made Special Report on Zhangjiajie Landscape

The other day, the program Walking Round the World from Xinhua News Agency CNC made a marketing report named Stepping in Zhangjiajie on its landscape.CNC is TV network directed by Xinhua News Agency,catering to overseas broadcast.As reported,it is the first thematic marketing report on Zhangjiajie to the whole world via IPTV.

This feature program Stepping in Zhangjiajie is divided to two episodes,lasting 23 minutes and 29 seconds totally.It sheds light on the forming process of the world natural heritage Wulingyuan peak forest,animal and plant resources in core scenic spot,climatic characteristics,landform scenery in all seasons,folk customs,etc.At the same time,it also puts emphasis onYellow Dragon Cave,Baofeng Lake,Tianmen Mountain and Jiutian Cave.

Translated by Becky