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Wulingyuan–the First Choice for Parent-Child Tourism on Children’s Day

On May 30th, the special edition of “Impression of Hunan” of Hunan Daily recommends nine destinations in Hunan for parent-child tourism, in which Wulingyuan Scenic spot and Zhangjiajie giant salamander science and technology museum have wonderful introduction.

First, the special edition presents the unique sandstones and hoodoos of Wulingyuan, the world natural heritage and world geopark, with the theme of reading growth dairy of sandstones and hoodoos.

Second, the special edition introduces the world first giant salamander science and technology museum–Zhangjiajie Giant Salamander science and technology museum, with the theme of visiting dragon’s neighbour–Giant salamander.

At the same time the paper presents Wulingyuan’s preferential and free policy for students: from June 1 to May 31th,2014, the primary and secondary school students, who are under the age of 19 and have their ID Card(passports and residence booklets) and student’s cards and other valid documentations from all over the world, can enter Wulingyuan’s core scenic spots withou charge(except 65RMB for e-car fees).