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World's longest glass bridge built in Zhangjiajie

Most part of the world longest and highest glass bridge’s construction was finished on Dec 2, 2015, and will open to the public by May 1, 2016.

Many tourists want to visit Zhangjiajie, but some of them are afraid of steep cliffs and deep ravines. After the construction of the glass bridge, those with a stomach for heights can now walk across the 400-meter deep Grand Canyon at Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Central China's Hunan province, on glass without any dangerous.

The 430-meter long, 6-meter wide bridge is also the world's longest open space suspension bridge, becoming the world's steepest bridge and highest Bungee platform.

Zhangjiajie also built another all-glass bridge that suspends 180 meters above another canyon. After it was opened to the public this year, it was so popular that visitor numbers and the park has to limit to 10,000 person time a day over safety concerns. After the finish of this bigger and longer new glass bridge, tourists have more chance to experience the beauty and excitement of Zhangjiajie more than ever. The park would have less burden than having only one bridge.

Zhangjiajie inspired the scenery in the Oscar movie "Avatar," and members of the production team spent time among the pillar-like mountains taking notes and sketches that would inform many elements of the animation.