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The preliminary program of Sanya National Park in Hainan is released

The park is a reception room in a city, so the Sanya government plans to establish National Park including National Rice Park, Wetland Park and Egret Park. Recently the government held a meeting and concluded a preliminary program of the three parks which can embody Sanya’s characteristics and bring convenience to the visitors.

National Rice Park

Green rice will be a main landscape in National Rice Park according to the program. The park will be also equipped with China Rice Museum, 3000-meter-corridor, landscape tower to create an agricultural tourism complex.

Wetland Park

Wetland Park is the green kidney of Sanya. It not only aims to promote water cycle and purify water quality, but also integrates the comprehensive function of leisure and recreation.

Egret Park

Egret Park is the biggest park in Sanya which covers an area of 26.7 hectares. It will be divided into central protection zone, ecological buffering zone and dynamic square zone where visitors can watch gangs of egrets.