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Wonderful Performance of “Golden Left Hand” Mark Williams in Zhangjiajie

On the afternoon of July 28, the Exhibition Game of Mark Williams, who has been ranked the world number-one snooker player, was held in Zhangjiajie Sunshine Hotel. Feng Xiangjiang, head of Hunan Provincial Billiards Association, Liu Shuha, Zhangjiajie vice mayor, and over 200 fans watched the wonderful competition between Mark Williams and Zhao Xintong, who is called “the future star of China’s snooker”. Other three snooker fans from Zhangjiajie city also played snooker with Mark Williams, which has won great applauses.

Mark Williams is going to hit the ball

The 36-year-old Mark Williams, who has earned the nickname “the Welsh Potting Machine and Golden Left Hand”, is noted is for his single-ball potting. He is the first left-handed winner at the World Snooker Championship and won first ranking event of 2011, the German Masters. The 14-year-old Chinese Zhao Xintong, who is regarded as the “Golden Left Hand” in China, once scored 143 points to win a single pole.

Wonderful match between Mark Williams and Zhao Xintong


A  Zhangjiajie fan played snooker with Mark Williams

The exhibition game is aimed at introducing high-end international sports to Zhangjiajie so at to promote the development of sports and leisure tourism here.