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Second Xiangtan Lotus Cultural Festival Held

Hosted by the CPC Xiangtan County Committee and Xiangtan County People’s Government, the second China (Xiangtan) Lotus Cultural Festival was held with the theme of "Vigorous and Charming Xiangtan, the Hometown of Chairman Mao".
Focusing on the description, eulogization, appreciation and evaluation of lotus, a series of activities will be launched, including the promotion of the song Xiangtan County along Xiangjiang River, the issuing of the stamp pamphlet of Xiangtan lotus, the staging of the performance themed with "Vigorous Xiangtan", the exhibition of Xiangtan lotus culture and products, the holding of the seminar on the culture of Xiangtan lotus, and the promotion of the investment projects.
The festival has attracted many strategic investors. 20 projects were concluded with the investment totaling 4.98 billion yuan, including 300 million yuan on the production of high-level automobile glass and energy-saving architecture glass by Luoyang Glass Group, 500 million yuan on the production of high-tech aluminium alloy materials, and about 100 million yuan on the tourism development of Xiangtan Lotus Cultural Street.