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UNSG Pan Ki-moon Highly Praises Zhangjiajie A Charm

“Zhangjiajie is such a charming place”said United Nations Secretary General Pan Ki-moon in Copenhagen, in which he attended the inauguration of Copenhagen being a new city for UN on July 4th. The present from Denmark–a album of paintings named “ China Zhangjiajie” made Pan Ki-moon fondle admiringly. Spontaneously, he gave a high praise that the beauty and charm of Zhangjiajie make people all over the world addicted.

Copenhagen, the world’s sixth largest city of the United Nations, will provide offices for eight UN organizations with 1200 employees. In this completion ceremony,1500 guests are expected to attend including United Nations Secretary General Pan Ki-moon and Danish queen Margaret ii, Danish prime minister Helle Thorning Schmidt, the Danish photographer association, chairman of the Danish royal photographer Mr Peng Zhongmin. When Pan ki-moon met with Mr Peng and received the album of painting “China Zhangjiajie”, he praised Zhangjiajie’s unique folk customs which worthing people’s visiting and yeaning.

In 2008, the album of painting “China Zhangjiajie” was published in Denmark and received hot welcome in northern Europe. So far, it has gained three former Danish prime ministers attention and praise in Denmark. This year on June 23, Denmark’s incumbent Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt admired the gorgeous sceneries in Zhangjiajie and said” Zhangjiajie is incomparable in its beauty”. He sincerely looks forward to having a chance to view the sceneries on the scene.

By Aileen