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Tianmen Mountain in Rain and Sea of Clouds Welcoming Tourists on May Day

As April 29th is the first day of May Day holiday, many tourists keep coming to Tianmen Mount for sightseeing despite of the heavy rain. Like the usual holidays, tourists are mainly self-driving visitors, most of which are coming with their families and friends.

The Tianmen Mount displays another distinctive flavor after the heavy rain. Grass and trees are flourishing and jade-green with the washing of rain. The splendid scenery of sea of clouds surprises the tourists, making them forget all worries and indulge in the fresh and pure rain.

During the holiday, in order to facilitate tourists to have more time enjoying themselves, the ticket time has been adjusted from 6:30 am to 4:30 pm. Besides, ticket windows have been set up for individual travelers and groups.

According to the meteorological department forecast, weather in the next two days will change from rain to cloud. Thus, tourism small peak is to come with the arrival of good weather. Traffic facilities have been undergone safety checks to make agreeable and satisfactory service for tourists.