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Tianmen Mountain Cableway Resuming to Celebrate the Upcoming of Labor Day

Due to the motor failure, the Tianmen Mountain Cableway broke down all of a sudden on April 18. Through a thorough checking and repairing in a week, it will resume its service on April 26.

With the joint effort of National Cableway Inspection Center, French cableway manufacturer and some cableway experts in Tianmen Mountain company, a comprehensive check was made on the mechanical and electronic equipment. At last, the cableway successfully went through all the tests from Zhangjiajie Quality Inspection Bureau and National Cableway Inspection Center. Under those authoritative tests, it reassured people their safety.

The Tianmen Mountain Cableway is 7455 meters long, which is the longest high mountain passenger cableway. Along the route, tourists are accessible to have a bird’s view of the whole city, fields and high mountain sights, therefore, it can be counted as the longest viewing gallery in the air. In addition, it owns world-level advanced security equipment and rescue system to ensure tourist safety.

Faced with the upcoming of the May Day, apart from The Tianmen Mountain Cableway Resuming Its service, the Tianmen Mountain scenic area has made safety texts on all kinds of traffic facilities in advance. Besides, self-driving tourists are being given a considerate reception. What’s more, in light of the easily occurring bad weather in spring and summer, like lighting and heavy rain, a series of emergency precautions has also be formulated as well.

With the number of guests stepping up, the time for selling tickets of Tianmen Mountain would follow some necessary adjustments. They are as follows: on April 26- April 28, from7:00 am. to 4:30 pm.; on April 29- May 1, from 6:30 am. to 4:30 pm.

Translated by Emma