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Tianmen Mountain Awarded the Best Film of Red Bull Outdoor Extreme’s Film Week

On May 30th, Tianmen Mountain, a documentary released by WWL World Wing Outfit Fight Alliance, is awarded the best film of Film Week of Red Bull Outdoor Limit. The documentary records the impressive feat of the American extreme adventure master–Jeb Chris who flied through the Tianmen Cave in wings dress in 2011.

On September 24th, 2011, the extreme challenge activity–2011 Wing Outfit Flying Through Tianmen Mount, was held in Tianmen Mount. Nine masters of wing outfit flight from six countries conducted the jump with Tianmen Mount cable car and top of the cliff as the jumping-points respectively, performing the wonderful wing outfit flight show. On that day, the most excellent wing outfit flier–Jeb Chris, successfully flied through the Tianmen Cave with unpowered wing outfits, which shocked the world.

Translated by Crystal