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The Third National Landscape Photography Contest to Be Kicked off in Zhangjiajie

On June 24th, the official website of China’s photographers association issues the Third National Landscape Photography Contest will be grandly held.

Held by China’s photographers association,People’s government of Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan and management office of Zhangjiajie national forest park, this competition is aimed to fully display Zhangjiajie’s unique geological landform, natural scenery and folk customs and other tourism resources in the form of photographic arts. Through a series of recommendation, promotion and exchanges, it will help to enhance Zhangjiajie’s popularity at home and abroad.

Lasting for a year, this contest falls into seven exhibition areas, such as unique summits and flourish trees, folk customs and colorful living beings,etc. The photography works are those reflect Zhangjiajie’s beautiful natural scenery, folk customs and animal and plant resources and accord with the theme by unlimited means. Negative films, reversal films and those that adjust excessively are unacceptable. The competitors can contribute their works by post or internet. Every contestant can send single or series photos. The latter are twelve at most. U-club freestyles are magnified to ten inches, square works 8×8inches and irregular ones less than 80 Sq.In. These works can be posted to pop-photo.com.cn.All the forms are jpg with 900 pixel of the long side and within 500K.

Translated by Crystal