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The Music Week Is Going to Hear Zhangjiajie Folk Song by Mark Leeven

On July 29th, Fuhan, the broker of Mark Leeven who is the “Father of Country Music” in America, broke the news that during the 2013 International Country Music Week in Zhangjiajie she will together with Mark Leeven sing the popular Zhangjiajie folk song “Build Lampstand by Massin Tree” which is a classical song in Shangzhi(a county in Zhangjiajie) folk songs as intangible culture heritage, telling Chinese story with American country rhyme.

In order to better propagate “world natural heritage” and “our country music”, Mark Leeven and Fu Han decides to combine an“In Side Out” group by integrating broad and profound Chinese language with flowing English to present a unique feeling of traditional folk song. Perfect merge of Western and Eastern culture in folk song will definitely bring you a brand new visual and auditory feeling. This group is rehearsing intensively. At the scheduled time, western terz guitar and China’s urheen will be integrated together to create a colorful and hierarchical sound effect.

“Build Lampstand by Massin Tree”, a song which has been singed since a very long time, originated in Shangzhi County in Zhangjiajie. It has ever been performed by famous singer Song Zuying in Golden Hall of Vienna. The 2013 International Country Music Week in Zhangjiajie will be held from August 31st to September 4th. Everything is under intensive preparation now.

By Patricia