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The Most Popular Outdoor Activities in Guilin

Guilin is located in Southern China. It is well known in China, even in the world for a long time because of its unique landscape, painting-like
Li River View, crystal water, small but beautiful hills scattering in the area of Guilin. The advantaged geographical and climatic conditions in Guilin make it the best choice for outdoor activities. Therefore, it attracts more and more outdoor enthusiasts to travel in
Yangshuo recent years. If you are young enough or if you also like outdoor activities, or love adventure tours, such as hiking, biking, rock climbing, kayaking, cave-exploring, camping, ect, it will be a good chance to have a try when you travel to
Guilin, China. TopChinaTravel could insert it into your China tour package perfectly.

Hiking in Guilin

Nowadays, more and more people do not like rush steps their tour, because people could enjoy the leisure and see more things in a slow tour. Therefore, many people choose to explore a city by walking or hiking. With the pleasant weather condition, gorgeous landscape as well the colorful ethnic customs, it is a good choice to explore Guilin on your foot. 

Hike in Yangshuo

•The most famous Guilin hiking route,

Hiking at Longji Terrace Fields Scenic Area(duration: 1 day): Ping An Zhuang Village-Zhongliu Village, Tiantou Village-Dazhai Village(Jingke Terrace)

•Classic trekking along Li River

♦ Yangdi-Xingping( 20km, duration: 1 day)

♦ Zhujiang Pier-Caoping-Crown Cave-Yangdi-Xingping (around 50 km, duration: 2 days)

♦ Yangshuo Bridge-Shutong Hill-Fuli Town-Lijia Village-Liugong Village (20km, duration: 1 day)

♦ Discover Guilin city along Four Lakes on foot (duration: 1 day) : Elephant Trunk Hill Park-Shanhu Lake-Ancient South Gate-Ronghu Lake-Guihu Lake-Mulonghu Lake Park-Fubo Hill Park-Liberation Bridge-Zhengyang Pedestrian Street

Biking tour in Guilin

Exploring a place by bicycle is a nice and wise decision. It is also an environmentally friendly way in a trip. It is also an economical way of tour. Tourists could find it easy to rent a bike in Guilin or Yangshuo nowadays. Riding on a bike under the warm sunshine in Guilin and Yangshuo, such kind of small cities, it is very convenient to explore even a small alley as you like. 

Ride Bike in Yangshuo

•The most common biking tour route in Guilin:

Guilin city tour by biking: Hotel-Reed Flute Cave, Mulonghu Lake Park, Fubo Hill Park, Seven Star Park-Elephant Trunk Hill Park-Ronghu and Shanhu Lakes Scenic Area

Yangshuo countryside discovery by bicycle:

♦ Yangshuo-Tianjiahe Village-Mushan Village-Liugong Village-Aishan Village-Moon Hill-Yangshuo ( 40 km)

♦Yangshuo-Yima Village-Xiatang Village-Xinglongzhai Village-Jiuxian-Xinzhai-Yulong River-Yulong Bridge-Baisha Town-Yangshuo(65 km)

♦ Yangshuo-Aishan Village-Moon Hill-Yangshuo

Rock Climbing in Yangshuo

Yangshuo and even the whole Guilin features typical karst landform. There are many hills in this area, but all the hills are not rolling. Almost all of them rise straight from ground, small but pretty. Therefore, it is easy to find a good cliff for rock climbing. Yangshuo is regarded as the heaven of outdoor activities and it is also paradise for rock climbers. Most rock climbing bases suites nearby Moon Hill, Big Banyan Tree. As they are along the road from Yangshuo to Lipu, the transportation is fairly convenient. It is easy to pay around 2 Yuan to take a bus from yangshuo to any rock climbing base. Besides, most rock climbing base offer transfer service. If you also like rock climbing or you hope to challenge yourself, it is worth including into your Guilin tour plan.

Rock Climbing in Yangshuo

Camping in countryside of Yangshuo

With a good natural condition, the countryside of Yangshuo is a perfect place for camping. It is suitable for people who like outdoor activities or student group. It is possible to find some professional camping site in Yangshuo, which offer necessary facilities to tourists, such as Wifi, hot-water shower room, toilet. Besides, some could offer outdoor kichen and BBQ area. It could offer more comfortable service to your camping trip. You just need to prepare your own tent and sleeping bag. They also offer tent rental service. If you do not need such service and hope your camping trip more adventurous, it is not hard to find an open space among hills and nearby river to meet your camping trip.

Yangshuo can be regarded as the heaven of outdoor activities. It is worth for you to have a try.

Go Camping in Yangshuo