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The Most Beautiful Idyllic Scenery Reoccurring in Zhangjiajie Yuanjiajie Scenic Area

Many tourists may think that Zhangjiajie is only famous for its high and steep cliffs and mountains, but if you come to Yuan Jujie scenic spot, you will be fascinated by its beautiful scenery and indulge yourself in it.

Yuanjiajie scenic spot, situated on the top of a cliff, is named “The air field”. When it comes to spring, among the cascading scattered terraces, many have been plowed and are poured with water for spring sowing and others are drylands on which bright and yellow rape flowers are scattered.Around the terraces, flourishing trees and green hills are surrounding.What a idyllic scenery it is. Your eyes are feasted on such a combination of color,light and fragrance.

Yuanjiajie scenic spot–“The air filed”, with nearly 500 original residents,is located in the core scenic area of Wulingyuan. In the past, it was neglected for most residents took pains to start the initial development for tourism.Now, in order to achieve the sustainable development for the scenic area and protect its original ecological pastoral style, the local residents activate the recovery project for “the air field” scenery. Therefore,these beautiful pictures are unfolding before us, capturing tourists’eyes.

“The air field” is bestowed with delightful climate and enjoys convenient transportation.Tourists can arrive on nonstop by eco-cars.

By Crystal