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The First Youth Science & Technology Competition will be held in Wulingyuan

According to the Youth Science And Technology Education Association in Wulingyuan area, the First Youth Science And Technology Competition of Wulingyuan is going to be held in June.

The competition,with the theme “innovation,experience and grown up” falls into two activity groups:teenagers and instructor for science and technology.The former consists of games and exhibitions, including hand-made works,little innovation and creation, computer-made painting works and so on. The latter includes excellent scientific and technological invention projects,outstanding educational programs for science and technology.

Different awards are set up for this activity, such as hand-made prize for terrific student, science fiction painting prize for outstanding youth and children,the best scientific and technological practice prize for youth and the best organization prize.The final assessment results will be officially released on the education website of Wulingyuan area.

It is reported that the deadline of the activity is before June 1. Now, schools in different blocks are vigorously joining in this activity.

Translated by Crystal