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The Fifth Farmer's Games of Hunan Province to Be Held in Yiyang

The Fifth Farmer's Games of Hunan Province is scheduled to be held grandly in Yiyang City this September, which will be attended by over 1,700 athletes from 14 cities and prefectures.

The Farmer's Games have taken place every four years since initiated by the province in 1995. The fifth one will last for 5 days and include 12 events such as swimming, table tennis, Chinese chess, dragon dancing, lion dancing, fishing, Yangko dancing, bicycling with loads and flying kites. Three new events, badminton, dragon boating and flying kites, will be included this year, The events highlight fun, unique characteristics and the spirit of mass participation. 

Holding the Fifth Farmer's Games contributes to the promotion of the fitness campaign throughout the province and the work concerning agriculture, farmers and rural areas. Not only can it improve Yiyang's image but also it is beneficial to selecting excellent athletes on behalf of Hunan Province to attend the Seventh National Farmers' Games in 2012.