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Hunan Changde to Expand Taohuayuan Tourism

Changde City decided to make some significant adjustments in the management system of Taohuayuan Scenic Zone this year. The area of the zone will be expanded from 29 square kilometers to 142.48 square kilometers; and 3 billion yuan will be injected to improve its supporting facilities within 5 years. Changde is making a marked stride in its way of vigorously building the tourism brand of "Taohuayuan" and the well-known tourist destination at home and abroad.

Changde City keeps on boosting the tourism construction- "Double Ten" Project. Specifically, the city focuses on promoting ten tourist items including Taohuayuan and Liuye Lake Low-Carbon Tourist Town; and the county (district/city) promotes such ten programs as Huping Mountain and Chengtou Mountain. Moreover, it will build a Cultural Taohuayuan centered on Taohuayuan and Chengtou Mountain, a Natural Taohuayuan based on Huayan Stream, Huping Mountain, the Wetland in Western Dongting Lake and Yuanjiang Scenic Belt, and a Modern Taohuayuan taking Liuye Lake and the urban area as the main attractions. In a word, it is striving to build "a city in Taohuanyuan" in all directions, allowing tourists to experience the artistic beauty of Taohuayuan from various perspectives.