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The Best China Tips for Seniors

Senior citizens have more time on their hands to do anything they like. Travel is one of them. As the third biggest country in the world and with over 3,000 years of history and culture, China is an ideal place for seniors to travel to.

Below, we have listed tips for seniors traveling in China. Pay special attention to your own health conditions and be aware of any limitations you may have due to your age. Follow our advice and have an enjoyable trip to China!

Before You Travel in China

In order to ensure your trip goes smoothly in China, don’t forget to prepare well before your trip begins.

Purchase Travel Insurance with Medical Coverage

Travel insurance is essential for your trip no matter where you’re going to visit or what activities you want to do. It not only protects your health benefits but also gives you peace of mind while you’re abroad.

Take a Physical Examination Before Traveling

Take a physical examination before you travel and ask your doctor’s permission if you want to do any challenging activities that may be beyond your physical condition. Pack the medicine that you’ll need during your trip. It’s difficult to buy medicine in an unfamiliar country, such as China.  Don’t forget to make your travel plans according to your specific physical condition.

Choose a Comfortable Time and Suitable Destinations

It is important to make detailed plans and considerable arrangements before your trip, including taking into account the weather and the destinations you want to travel to. Compared with the two extreme seasons of summer and winter, spring and autumn are more comfortable times to visit China.

Among China’s many cities, the big cities are more convenient and have good facilities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. If you want to visit the most representative attractions in China, here are some places you should visit:


  1. The Great Wall at Mutianyu: well-repaired, offers wheelchair access, fewer Chinese visitors
  2. The Forbidden City: the largest imperial palace in the world
  3. The Summer Palace: an ancient imperial garden


  1. The Terracotta Army: one of the most famous historic sites in China
  2. The Muslim Quarter: taste local snacks


  1. Water towns, such as Zhouzhuang and Jinxi
  2. Take a cruise to enjoy views of Shanghai at night.
During Your Trip in China

There are also a series of considerations you should pay attention to during your trips, such as transportation, accommodation, and food.

 Which Transportation You Should Choose


  1. Choose a direct flight while avoiding one at night.
  2. You can’t use your cell phone to surf the Internet when taking flights in China.
  3. Flights are more suitable for long-distance journeys.

High-Speed Train

  1. Most of China’s high-speed trains can reach 350 kph. Most cities near to each other are conveniently linked by a high-speed railway network.
  2. Book your tickets in advance (from 3 to 30 days, depending on your travel dates).

Get Around a City

  1. Rent a car or take a taxi. Chinese public transportation is very crowded and takes a long time for you to reach your destination.
  2. Join a local tour. As a local travel agency, we will arrange everything for you so you needn’t worry about anything.
Check the Local Emergency Phone Numbers

You can inquire as to what China’s emergency phone numbers are from the staff in your hotel. This is useful in case anything happens during your trip.

Follow Your Body Not Your Mind

Wear more clothes if the weather starts getting colder. Avoid getting too tired during a trip; try to rest until you feel better. Keep your pace steady and don’t hurry. Be sure to pay attention to your physical condition.

Get Enough Sleep

Don’t stay up too late, even if you’re really enjoying an interesting experience. Getting enough sleep ensures you enjoy every day of your trip.

Stick to a Healthy Diet

Chinese food is different from the food you’re used to eating at home and you should taste it, but don’t forget to ask your doctor for dietary adviceAccording to this advice, you can enjoy your food and avoid any food that’s not suitable for you, such as spicy Sichuan dishes or sweet Shanghai dishes.