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The 2nd Embroidery Committee of CACA Set up in Changsha

The plate-conferring ceremony of the Second Embroidery Committee of China Arts & Crafts Association (CACA) was held in Changsha on the morning of March 13, 2011. Wang Keying, honorary president of Hunan Arts & Crafts Association, and Yang Taibo, secretary-general of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, attended the ceremony.
The Embroidery Committee of CACA was initiated in September 2008 and its first committee was established in Suzhou, a major city located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province. At the election meeting held in last September, Li Yan, a master of Chinese arts and crafts and deputy director of the Hunan Embroidery Research Institute where the office of the second committee is located, was appointed chairman of the committee. The establishment of the committee in Hunan is of great significance to enhance the reputation of Xiang (Hunan) embroidery and promote the development of embroidery industry.
After the plate-conferring ceremony, the working conference of the Embroidery Committee was convened, at which the working draft of the Second Embroidery Committee was passed. According to the conference, the First China Embroidery Culture and Art Festival is planned to be held in 2012. During the festival, a series of activities will be held to raise public recognition of China embroidery, including exhibition and auction of China embroidery works, skill competition, summit forum, and election of “Top Ten Annual Influential Figures of China Embroidery Industry”, “Top Ten Growing Enterprises of China Embroidery Industry”, and “Top Ten Original Works of China Embroidery”.