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Tanheli Bronze Culture Museum in Hunan Ningxiang to Open

The Tanheli Ruins (in Ningxiang County of Changsha), with 3,000 pieces of bronze wares from the Shang and Zhou Dynasties (1600 BC-256 BC) unearthed, particularly the "Four Sheep Statue", is acclaimed as the "Center of Bronze Culture in South China". The Tanheli Bronze Culture Museum is expected to open to public this year, where visitors could have a close look at these precious bronze works including bronze sword.

Meanwhile, the Tanheli National Archaeological Site Park is scheduled to be completed next year. The total investment for the park is one billion yuan with the Hunan Provincial Bronze Culture Museum and Tanheli City Wall Ruins included in the phase-one project.

The Tanheli Bronze Culture Museum, as the main exhibition hall of the park, is to be built into a medium-sized comprehensive museum. It consists of three floors, covering an area of 8,000 square meters. With the "Four Sheep Statue" as the prototype, this museum will resemble a big cauldron. Face-like figure will be sculpted on the front gate of the museum.

Upon completion, about 1,500 bronzes unearthed in Ningxiang County and numerous bronze swords dating back to the Western Zhou Dynasty (1046 BC -771 BC) will be displayed there.

Translator: Wang Bilian