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Taiwan MOMO TV Station Shooting Feature Film in Zhangjiajie

One-week journey in Zhangjiajie is a wonderful experience for Taiwan MOMO TV Station staff, which aims at came shooting a feature film in Zhangjiajie from 6th, June to 13th. Super High Travel Group, a channel of MOMO TV station made a special trip here in order to make a fully comprehensive introduction about Zhangjiajie’s natural sceneries and folklore.

Super High Travel Group staff have had photo shoot in Baofeng Lake, Tianzi Mountain, Shilihualang Gallery, Yellow Dragon Cave and International Cultural Square. Wu Shihao, the director said the program Super High Travel Group is based on a relaxing tone to introduce Zhangjiajie landform, quartz sandstone, delicious foods and cultures through the shots and informative commentary.

By report that this program will last one hour and broadcast on several television stations soon. To help Taiwan residents to have a further understanding of Tujia culture and Zhangjiajie breath-taking sceneries, as well as promote bilateral tourism developments are the purpose of this program, said the program group.

By Aileen