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Sweet Osmanthus Blooming in Hangzhou

Sweet osmanthus is one of representative plants of Hangzhou. This scented flower falls into blossom season between late September and early October each year. Now the city right in fragrance of sweet osmanthus, Citizens and travelers in Hangzhou can go sightseeing in scenic areas to enjoy the scent of the flower in and around the city.

Sweet osmanthus tree is an evergreen native tree in China. Its flowers are tiny, bright yellow and intoxicatingly fragrant. At the right season, the air is even heavy with the sweet scent. In 1984, the sweet osmanthus was chosen as the city flower of Hangzhou, and therefore it was listed in “New Ten Scenes in West Lake “.

Besides the West Lake, Hangzhou botanical garden is another good place for appreciating sweet osmanthus. 2,000 sweet osmanthus trees of 20 different species can be found in the garden. It is also home to “the king of sweet osmanthus” which stands over ten meters tall and is 1.05 meters in width.