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Successful Route-proving Flight of Jeb Corliss in Tianmen Mountain

At 13:20 of July 31, American Job Corliss on wing-suit jumped out of a cable car in Tianmen Mountain, landing with a parachute opening in 2 minutes, which looked like a bat. This is his first time to jump from a cable car compartment, which is also the first trial in global wing-suit flying history.

On the afternoon of July 30, Jeb Corliss came to Tianmen Mountain to investigate the geological conditions for wing-suit flying. The next morning, he defined the highest place of Tianmen primary peak as the starting point for the performance of wing-suit flying on Sept.24. He pointed out, “The vertical height here is about 300 meters, which is a wonderful place for preforming wing-suit stunt.”

After finishing the route-proving fight, he said, “The wing-suit flight in Tianmen Mountain is interesting and thrilling, with amazing scenery, which presents best visual effects.”