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Students Become the “Main Force” in Zhangjiajie Huanglong Hole

Since the beginning of July, as the school summer vacation, the scenic area started to enter the summer tourist season, “parent-child traveling” from all over the country has become the main force of summer tour.

In huanglong cave scenicarea, “family parenting groups”, students groups, and couples tour are around every where. In July and August, the huanglong scenic area has the average temperature of 16 ℃, which is very suitable for summer travel. Ecological plaza outside the cave is full of fruits and trees, attracting visitors constantly to push down the camera shutter.

It is reported that July and August are the flow peak in zhangjiajie tourist attractions. According to the last year, the traveling volume of huanglong cave scenic spot is more than 300000 people, including more than thirty percent students. This year, the tendency is expected to continue until late August.

Translated by Sophia