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Helong Park: A Top Red Tourist Destination

The sense of making full use of red tourism resources and firmly believing in religion is deepened in the people’s mind in recent years. With the pushing of this trend, He Long Park which located in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is gradually marked as a top red tourist destination and attracts tourists from all the directions in a continuous stream. Particularly, this July 1 is the Communist Party’s 92ed birthday.

He Long park, the only huge human landscape of the whole Wulingyuan area, upon entering the park, the first thing comes into our sight is the bronze statue of He Long( a militarist and the marshal of the republic of China).Tourist floods here to recall the history and great feats of the elder proletarian revolutionist. According to the incomplete statistics, since late June, He Long Park has received above 10,000 tourists per day.

By  Aileen