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Spring Festival Lantern Fair Lights Up in Nanjing

The annual Qinhuai Lantern Fair will be held in the Confucius Temple area of Nanjing in the coming Chinese Lunar New Year, which falls on Jan, 23th this year. It is one of the most famous Lantern Fairs in China.

Qinhuai Lantern Fair, officially named Lantern Fair on Qinhuai River, also known as Jinling Lantern Fair, is a popular folk custom celebration of the Lantern Festival in the Nanjing. It is a large-scale fair held at the Confucius Temple area from Spring Festival to Lantern Festival every year. In June, 2006, the fair was named as one of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of China.

A large number of various lanterns will be lit up along the Confucius Temple and Qinhuai River scenic area by then. As a key component of folk culture in Nanjing, the fair is also a folk entertaining show. A lot of Nanjing folk arts are also showcased at the fair, including paper cutting, rope knotting, carving, and shadow puppet plays etc. Meanwhile, singing and dancing performances and acrobatic shows can also be found.