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Dragon Year Temple Fairs in Beijing

Temple Fair, also known as Maohui, is a traditional event in China which is held every year. So far, there have been more than 10 major temple fairs held each Spring Festival in Beijing. To get a real taste of the Chinese New Year, what you can’t miss is the Temple Fairs in Beijing.

Ditan Park Temple Fair

One of Beijing's biggest temple fairs, this one is a regular hit with the locals. Inside the park is the Altar of Earth and plenty else to catch your eye. You'll be able to see exhibitions that cover the life and customs of Beijingers through the centuries as well as the different ways that Spring Festival is now celebrated all over the world. Pick up some antique Chinese handicrafts from stalls and if you get there for 10am glimpse a re-enactment of the imperial family's traditional prayers for good harvests originally held here in the summer months.

Date: Sunday 22, Jan to Sunday 29, Jan

Time: 8am-5pm

Longtan Park Temple Fair

All the way out in Chongwen district, this is another fair that doesn’t actually feature any temples, the fair will feature a 300-strong parade, apparently Beijing's rather surreal wintertime answer to Rio's carnival. It's set to including dancing and a host of colorful floats that will meander their way through the park. A stage will also be set for taekwondo and other martial arts champs to show off their skills.

Date: Sunday 22, Jan to Sunday 29, Jan

Time: 8am-5pm

Dongyue Miao Temple Fair

Housing the Beijing Folk Customs Museum, this temple (originally built in 1319) is host to one of Beijing’s most traditional Spring Festival fairs. The most recent version of its temple fair kicked off in 1999. Themed this year ‘Soaring Golden Dragon’, like any good old fair it will feature drum troops, Chinese opera, acrobatics and cross-talk shows will provide plenty of noise and entertainment. The fair will also feature an exhibition of antique Chinese boxes. Not necessarily one for thrill-seekers out there, this should be pretty fascinating with genuine pieces dating from the

Date: Monday 22, Jan to Saturday 28, Jan

Time: 8.30am-4.30pm