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Splendor of Advection Fog in Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan District

After a short period of sweltering days, rainy and cool weather timely visits Zhangjiajie in recent. Sceneries during rainy days are expected to be more wonderful and marvelous. Here are the photos of advection fog splendors shot by photographers when paying their visit in Suoxiyu District.

White gauze is slowly floating above the river with groups of Tujia buildings in far distance. Several women are washng clothes near the river with the advection fogs wrapped. Around 8 o’clock in the morning, the fogs are getting thinner and narrower but still stretching from the left side of the river to the right. The whole wonders of the beautiful scenery have attracted many citizens and photography fans.

By searching the materials, the reasons of this factor are followed. When moist air flows into the cold sea or on the ground, it will be cool and condense into fog and mist floating in the air, then rising and formed into a ribbon hanging in mid-air or floating on the surface. With the wind flowing, the ribbon turns to advection fog .Surely, the changeable weather during this period also makes contribution to the formation of this beautiful advection fog splendor in Wulingyuan.

By Aileen