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Special Activities for Incentive Group in Guilin

As a world well-know tourism city, Guilin becomes more and more popular. Many travel agencies recommend their group to visit Guilin and more and more companies choose to arrange the annual meeting tour or incentive tour for their employees in Guilin. Except the necessary facilities for meetings in Guilin, the unparalleled advantages are some special and team building activities can be arranged in Guilin due to the unique weather and nature condition.

Transplant Rice Seeds in Yangshuo Farmland

Being a farmer in the Yangshuo countryside, you will find out the happiness made by your own hands. Transplanting rice seeds in this place, you will immediately find the original funs in your life. The Chinese idiom says, it's glorious for you to have a labour habit. So why not choose to be a one-day farmer in the picturesque Yangshuo.

Transplant Rice Seeds

1. This activity only can be held twice a year according to the farming schedule.
2. We only can arrange this item for a big group with more than 10 people (including 10 people). You should inform us in advance if you would like to join in this activity with the specified conditions.

Have a Buffet in the Reed Flute Cave

Having a buffet in the splendid Reed Flute Cave will be a memorable experience for you. The caves are a feast for the eyes. The natural beauty of a profusion of stalactites and stalagmites, steles, stone pillars, stone curtains and stone flowers creating an infinite variety of extraordinary scenes, creatively illuminated; is bound to evoke gasps of admiration. It is fitting then, that Reed Flute Cave is commonly praised as Nature’s Grand Art Palace. And we’ll invite Sheraton Guilin’s (or similar) chef to prepare delicious dinner for you. It will be once-a-life-time experience.

This activity is a feast for not only your eyes but also your stomachs. Our clients who had experienced this banquet are all satisfied with our arrangement. We promise you can receive the top level service if you contact us for this activity.

Have a Buffet in the Reed Flute Cave

1. The buffet in the Reed Flute Cave can only be arranged for a large group.
2. It will waste to much for chartering the cave and catering.

Dinner on Ancient City Wall

Someone might think it can only be arranged in some historical cities, but not Guilin, such a city famous for natural views. In Ancient times, every city has its own city wall for protection. Some parts of ancient city wall in Guilin are preserved well. It is possible to arrange a dinner for the incentive group on the city wall. A special dinner in the open air on the city wall, among hills and lakes with colorful lights will make it highlights of this incentive tour.