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Shanghai Tourism Festival 2011 Kicked off

The Shanghai Tourism Festival 2011 kicked off last weekend. With the dominant theme “Chinese Culture Tour 2011” running through the event, the festival offers a succession of celebratory activities and special treats for visitors from Spet 10th to October 6th.

The theme of this year's festival focuses on the cultural heritage of Shanghai. Special tour routes have been set up to steer visitors into the depths of the city's historical districts. Other activities on the festival's schedule include the exhibition on travel souvenirs, shopping and gourmet festivals and Cruisers’ Parade on Huangpu River, etc.

According to the organizing committee, more than 400 scenic spots, hotels and restaurants will offer discounts of up to 50 percent during the festival.

First came into being in 1990, the Shanghai Tourism Festival is an annually held tourist event in the city. Lasting nearly one month every autumn, the festival usually attracts about 8 million visitors.