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Rock Climbing in Yangshuo

Rock climbing focuses on the value of: creating supportive environments, risk-taking as it relates to personal growth, extending one's limits and empowering others to do their best.Rock climbing is regarded as the rhythmic gymnastics on the rock face. As rock climbing is of fitness, entertainment and competition, it is popular in the world. Rock climber need to be brave, tenacious while they are climbing. Besides, they have to turn round, jump, pull ups, ect easily, softly and accurately on the rock face. So it is also called the ballet on the rock. Rock climbing is a good way to challenge yourself and beyond yourself, from which you could experience and enjoy real excitement.

Countryside in
Yangshuo is an ideal place to do rock climbing with the challenging topography and appealing vista around. Each person can learn climbing techniques. Everyone has the opportunity to do two or three climbs and a rappel.

Rock Climbing

Top Concern - Safety:

Our guides’ experience, expertise, and international guide certifications assure a safe and fun environment. To us, a quality trip also means that our equipment, all CE rated and frequently inspected, is safe and comfortable for the clients to use.

Rock Climbing Tips:

What to wear:
comfortable clothing (either loose fitting or stretchy fabrics, no metal ornament) and sports shoes, take sun protection measurement before climbing (some climbing areas have limited shade), don’t wear jewellery or any metal accessory.

Weather consideration: rainy days or windy days are forbidden to have rock climbing because of the safety consideration.

How to have this activity: rock climbing can be inserted into Yangshuo Biking Tour as a part of it. If you want to have this adventurous sport, tell us without hesitation.

Rock Climbing

Half Day Rock Climbing Training Trip Route in Yangshuo

08:00 Pick up from your hotel in Yangshuo

08:30 Arrive and get together at Yangshuo rock climb club

08:30-09:30 Professional trainer teach the basics of rock climbing and how to use the outfits

09:30-11:30 Drive to rock climbing base and try outdoor rock climbing

11:30-12:00 Transfer back to your hotel in Yangshuo and the trip is over

Note: It is also can be arranged in the afternoon.

Where Can We do Rock Climbing in Yangshuo?

Due to the unique landform in the area, most hills in Yangshuo can be used for rock climbing. Nowadays, most rock climbing routes or base are not far from Yangshuo downtown and nearby Moon Hill. 

Rock Climbing

•Moon Hill

If you take this route, you will need to buy the admission to Moon Hill. Then walk up to the top of this hill along the stone trail, which takes about 20-30 minutes. Moon Hill is the earliest and most attractive natural rock climbing site in Yangshuo. 

•Big Banyan Tree

It is about 6 km from Yangshuo downtown. The rock climbing route is on the East park of this attraction. Get through the village, you could reach it. 

•Tongmen Hill

This site is on the bank of Yulong River. It takes around 20 minutes from Big Banyan Tree to the upper stream of Yulong River on foot. 

•Muzhi Hill

It is between Jinmao Cave and Big Banyan Tree, just around 5km from Yangshuo downtown. 

•Jinmao Cave

This place is more suitable for beginner. There are 5 routes where is explored and with nails punched into the cliff.