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Relaxing at a Hot Spring Resort

Relaxing at a hot spring resort would give you keen enjoyment, especially in winter. Winter in
Xiamen is not very cold. One can fend off the cold in winter by relaxing at a hot spring resort. There are two famous hot spring resorts with international standard in the city. One is Trithorn Hotspring Resort at Tong’an District and the other is Riyuegu Hotspring Resort at Haicang District. Both of them could provide 5-star service for guests. 

Xiamen Riyuegu Hot Springs Resort

Xiamen Riyuegu Hot Springs Resort is the first 5 star hot spring resort with international standard in Xiamen. It was opened in October 2003 and is located in Dongfu Town, Haichang District. Here is a sanctuary for those seeking tranquility, therapy and a spiritual time-out. Nestled in the shadows of the Tianzhu Mountains in Xiamen, the resort sets one on a gratifying, soul soothing experience where time has no role to play. Except for the indoor natural hot spring pools, the resort boasts many thermal facilities such as spa pools, swimming pools, thermal stone beds, a fish pool and mineral dip pools, as well as 115 senior f guest rooms and suites, all equipped with all kinds of facilities. The building here is in southeast Asia style.

Riyuegu Hot Spring

•How to get to Riyuegu Hot Springs Resort in Xiamen
The resort is about 30 km far from Xiamen international airport, 30 km from the railway station and 30 km from Xiamen downtown. From Xiamen downtown, take a bus to Xin’an Stop in Haicang District, then change to Bus 450 or 814 to arrive at Riyuegu Hotsprings Resort. Taking a taxi is also good choice. In Xiamen ferry terminal, free shuttle buses to Riyuegu Hot Springs Resort are available. It runs generally from 10:00 am to 24:00 with departure. For the seats are limited, first come, first served. Before get in the bus, you are required to buy 30 yuan vouchers to obtain boarding card. The voucher is to ensure to your consumption in the hot spring area. 

Riyuegu Hot Spring

Xiamen Trithorn Hotspring Resort

Xiamen Trithorn Hotspring Resort is a five-star resort under Singapore Trithorn Hotel Group. It is located in side of Tingxi Reservoir, Tong’an District, Xiamen. It has a comfortable environment, natural unpolluted hot spring and it is equipped with advanced and perfect facilities to provide ebullient service. There are s 48 unique designed and styled outdoor pool, hot spring villa and SPA. It is blended with the natural landscape. The popular thermal stone beds in Trithorn Hotspring Resort give you a nice warm nap and good feeling on a cool winter noon. The private Spa Dreaming Centre is a source of therapeutic and beauty bliss offering a choice of massages, gyms and much more.

Trithorn Hotspring Resort

•How to get to Trithorn Hotspring Resort

Visitors can take Bus 45, 23, 10, 26, 505, 43, 616, 501, 522, 9, 50, 810, 201 to get there. Taxi is also available. 

Trithorn Hotspring Resort