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Red Stone Forest:“2013 the Most Beautiful Geopark in China”

On June 30th, The First“The Most Beautiful Geopark in China” closed the curtain. Cohosted by China’s Geological Society and the research branch of tourism earth-science and geopark as well as Geological tourism development and promotion association in Henan province,this activity aims to find and recommend the most unusual and splendid sights of geopark in China.The competition was judged by authoritative experts and experienced professionals as well as the internet poll. In the end, Xiangxi Red Stone Forest Park renowned as 2013 “the Most Beautiful Geopark in China”with a vote of near 1.6 million.

Located at Guzhang, Xiangxi, Red Stone Forest is the world only stone forest formed by carbonatite in the Cambrian period. According to the Geologist, Red Stone Forest has a history of 450 million years. The landscape of Red Stone Forest is karst landscape which is commonly distributed in China’s Yunan and Guzhou province. However, most of the Stone Forests in China are grey instead of red. Another wonder is that the color of Red Stone Forest varies with weather. It is purperish red in fine day, brown red in rainy day. Besides, it retains original natural insights in Xiangxi. In the stone forest, you can see deep gorge, ravine stream, crystal-clear spring, lawn soft as a piece of tapestry and vintage wisteria. Apart from its scenery, the rich mysterious Xiangxi culture added more color and charm to people, such as Tujia and Miao minorities’ customs and history.

Considering its nature insights as well as special culture, it is no doubt that Red Forest Park was rewarded the first prize in the competition. To have a better knowledge of it, travelers may as well come here in person and feel it.

By Emma