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Red Hydrangeas Burst into Bloom in “Shan Go Go” Rural Inn

During the Dragon Boat Festival, inside a rural inn named “Shan Go Go” which means a very remote place in deep mountain in Chaqiyu,Xiehe Village, Wulingyuan District, blocks of hydrangeas burst forth along streams, which looked just like gaily dressed maidens, attracted tourists and photographers coming for appreciating them.

Hydrangea, a common courtyard flower and plant and a kind of deciduous shrub, belongs to hydrangea genus, hydrangea flower family, cornaceae. Its blossoms are all nearly asexual flower. This kind of flower mainly grows in China and Japanese. Its umbels, like clusters of snowballs, cluster around the oval green leaves. Really beautiful, no matter it is white, bluish violet or pink hydrangea flower.

Apart from in “Shan Go Go” rural inns, inside scenic zone like Yellow Stone Village, Dragon and Phoenix Temple also found heaps of hydrangeas. It is said that its blooming period is as long as two month. Besides, it is not only of appreciation value, but also of medicinal value. It is of certain effect against swamp fever and lung heat and laryngalgia.

By Patricia