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Poland Couple’s Wanting of Parachute in Tianmen Mountain Was Prevented

On May 1, when tourists were enjoying beautiful scenery, a couple from Poland yet got away from crowd and was particularly searching for steep cliff. Their strange action caught tourism staff’s eye and the staff asked them. They told that they came here in particular for parachute jumping. When asked why, they said that French spiderman, Alain Robert’s scramble onto Tianmen Hole, Switzer Freddie’s walking on high wire and wing-suite flying competition were once held here and all these extreme challenging sports have shocked them, so they are eager to try parachuting here to feel adventure and excite.

After knowledge of their intention, the staff stopped them and explained that such kind of sports must be done after approved by related department. Ever held such extreme sports were held after approval of related department and assurance of their safety. However, they still have chance to participate when there are parachute activity held in future.

After communication, the couple finally gave up their plan. They said that though having regret, they are still very happy to experience beauty in Tianmen Mountain and they will continue to pay close attention to news about extreme sports and will definitely participate when parachuting activity is held one day.

By Patricia